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Thursday, August 28, 2008


Welcome to Sword-In-Hand Publishing's official web log. Here you'll find the latest breaking news, subject matter and release dates on their forthcoming book titles. Sword-In-Hand Publishing is a King James Bible-Believing publishing house that deals primarily in last-days, Christian discernment issues neglected by much of mainstream Christianity. The mission of Sword-In-Hand Publishing is to provide scripture-based answers and to strengthen your faith in the written words of God's Book. All Sword-In-Hand Publishing books make excellent resources for personal or group Bible studies.
Formerly known as Contender Press, a 10 year desktop publishing ministry which distributed tens of thousands of gospel tracts all across the US and around the globe, Sword-In-Hand Publishing has now graduated to the book ministry due in large part to the advent and rapid growth of Print-On-Demand technology.